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Should you hire a wedding planner in Portugal?

Planning and organising your wedding is a significant commitment on your time; it's a full-time job!

Choosing from the many stunning venues, talented vendors, creating your style, and deciding upon your decor elements.

Whether you have a busy job, family, or are overwhelmed with the number of decisions you need to make, hiring a wedding planner in Portugal will help you streamline decision-making and enjoy the process.

It will be your godsend, primarily if you do not reside here in Portugal.

Wedding welcome card, detailing the wedding weekend plans to the guests

ARW Events will be able to provide you with the best vendors and venues tailored to your dreams and inspiration. We will also support you in making the most of your budget and help you allocate it according to your priorities.

We will take care of all of the details so that everything is organised from conception to completion, ensuring there are no loose ends, allowing you to enjoy the process.

ARW Event planner measuring the distance of a gold knife to the edge of the table for a Portugal wedding

Signs that ARW Events are the right Wedding Planner in Portugal for you!

Wedding budget - We will help you make the most of your wedding budget, ensuring you get the most value for your money. Our strong relationships with vendors help us negotiate discounts that do not appear on paper, helping you make the most of your wedding budget. More importantly, spending your budget where there is the most impact.

Bride and groom holding wedding thank you cards with mountains in the background

We love to repurpose design elements, especially the floristry, moving the floristry from the ceremony space to the wedding meal and other spaces of your wedding. Saving you money and ensuring each of your wedding spaces is gorgeous.

Developing and designing your vision.

Wedding design is a journey from the initial conversations to the Ceremony! We will support you in growing your design from general likes and pictures to your bespoke wedding design that you will love!

We will share new ideas and trends with you, exploring all design options creating your bespoke wedding that will wow your guests.

Church candles in glass vases surrounded with leafs on stone steps

Planning your destination wedding or your destination wedding weekend.

Wouldn't it be great to enjoy the planning process and not feel like a stressful whirlwind? ARW Events will help you towards saving you time and money, allowing you to spend your time on other things that matter to you.

ARW Events will review all contracts, ensuring the best and agreed deal is written and detailed, before sending it to you both for signature and payment.

As destination wedding planners in Portugal, we regularly work with our couples to plan a three-day event.

Itallian beer and wine displayed on a blue and white cloth

The wedding weekend could open with a casual welcome cocktail or dinner overlooking the ocean for your guests to meet or reconnect with each other before the wedding day.

The wedding weekend finale could be a pool party or brunch.

Having an event on either side of the wedding day is a great way to thank your guests for traveling to Portugal for your wedding.

Wedding guests enjoying the pool party, lake in the background


We will be with you for every event of your wedding day, ensuring everything goes to plan, and the overall guest experience is unforgettable!

ARW Events will fully manage the logistics and the behind the scene details for you both on your wedding day. Ensuring the vendor's deliveries and set up is on time and to your beautifully created design.

ARW Events will ensure the day is planned to perfection, leaving you to enjoy the day and make unforgettable memories.

ARW Events team arranging the welcome party floral arrangement in an Itallian courtyard

What are the next steps?

Send us an e-mail, and we can arrange a call to meet virtually and discuss how together we can turn your dreams into a reality.

Bride and groom kissing in swimsuits in front of a lake and rolling mountains




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