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How to plan the perfect proposal

You have decided that you are ready to pop the question but not yet sure what to do next to make it meaningful and extra special.

Well, here are a few essential pointers to create a romantic and stress-free engagement.


History of the Engagement Ring

The engagement ring symbolizes eternal romance, without a beginning or an end, eternal love and life.

The ancient Egyptians were the first known to celebrate love with the engagement ring, over 5000 years ago. They believed that the Vena Amoris, translated to the Vein of Love, ran directly from the heart to the 3rd finger on the left hand. They exchanged a bounded leather ring to confirm their commitment to one and other.

This beautiful tradition of sentiment moved across to ancient Rome, Greece, and then to Europe with Christianity's spread.

In 1947 De Beers created a marketing campaign -" A diamond is forever," which invented the diamond engagement ring.


Do I have to ask for a blessing?

Proposal tradition is to ask the father of the bride for permission to marry his daughter. Today this tradition is followed as a sign of respect rather than as a contract between two families.

But, if your significant other parents aren't too traditional, then perhaps instead of seeking permission, a conversation could take place to let them know your plans. Letting your parents in early on the excitement for them to anticipate the 'i said yes' phone call rather than a call out to the blue.



We recommend that this is unique to you both as a couple; where were you when you first said those three words, I love you? Or maybe a favourite place that you share?

It could be as peaceful and romantic as a nature walk or a picnic.

Or perhaps you are looking for something with more energy, how about a treasure hunt, with the finale being the engagement ring?

Alternatively, you could plan a destination proposal, imagine the sun setting along the coastline as your proposal location, followed by a private rooftop dinner.

Either way, a vital consideration for any option is to consider will the proposal be public or private? You know your beloved more than anyone else; how would they feel most comfortable?

A tip from ARW Events - develop a decoy to throw your significant other off track. "Plan" something that your significant other loves to do around that time so you can get to the location without too much curiosity.


Do I have to get down on one knee?

Getting down on one knee is another tradition loaded with significance - chivalry isn't dead, yet!

During the middle ages, knights would bend down on one knee before their lord as a sign of honour and respect. More romantically, kneeling in front of a lady to express their admiration and eternal servitude.

When your sweetheart takes a knee and opens that ring box, they're not only hoping that you will say yes, they are telling you that you are worthy of honour, respect, and love that lasts an eternity.

But like many wedding proposal traditions that have evolved over the years, kneeling is a custom, not a rule. If you feel that this tradition isn't right for you, you don't have to follow it.


Choosing the ring

The first thing for you to consider is your budget; how much you have to spend?

An engagement ring is an emotionally loaded purchase, and the purchase price does not define your relationship.

Engagement tradition is to spend three months salary on the ring, but this idea is also evolving and not being actively followed.

Ring style, what style does your significant other usually gravitate towards with day to day jewellery and fashion?

Listen out for hints; more than likely, they are being dropped!

To find out your significant others ring size, you could borrow a ring that she wears on a similarly sized finger and pop into a jeweller to get it sized, but make sure it's a ring that they won't notice is missing in the timeframe.

If you have a trusted friend or family member in on the surprise, get them involved in finding out the exact ring size.

Just as important as the ring size and choice - ensure the ring is certified and insured.


You said, yes!

You are both super excited and want to announce the fantastic news to the world.

Tell your close family and friends via a video call first, then shout out on social media.

Post a couple of fabulous creative pictures with a few paragraphs describing how the proposal took place—allowing you to share your proposal and continue to focus on celebrating your new life chapter together.


ARW Events top tip

We would always recommend capturing the intimate moment you said yes forever! Photographers are used to capturing a secretly planned proposal, so please don't worry that they may ruin your surprise.

We suggest taking 6-8 weeks to plan your engagement.

ARW Events can help you with ideas, locations, design, and logistics for your perfect proposal in the UK or a destination proposal.


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